Monday, June 4, 2007

I always wanted a slut big cunt wife

Here are a few things that happened just this year. More to cum!

The true story of DB.
We meet when we were 12 years old and had a summer love affair. No sex just making out and of course summer went but way to fast.
In the summer of 9th grade we meet up in a new H.S. in Baltimore MD. Where for the most part we were just friends.
We have been married for 8 years now and even from the beginning I had always wanted to see her with others. I had some experience in it and enjoyed it.
It took about five years but she started to open up and share with me who she had been with and how many. Even down to number of times and how big their cocks were. I was quite please to find out about 30 and better than half were able to cum inside of her. Two of them had the pleasure of reaming her ass on several occasions. It has always been a turn on for me to know that a few men had the pleasure of tasting my wife’s sweet nectar. One of my favorites was when she meet a guy in a bar called Signals in downtown Baltimore and had a few drinks when she found her self in a corner of the dance floor being finger fucked by a stranger.
Skipping forward in this February of this year she finally agreed to fuck some one else. It was Friday afternoon and had just joined an online swingers site and posted a playtime ad for a single male. I chose one and gave him directions to our house. I was already naked on the bed while she was freshening up and shaving in the bathroom. She opened the door when the bell rang and said is that him. She was wearing her VS stockings and garter and thongs. I went downstairs and opened the door and told him he needs to be naked before going upstairs. We didn’t need a lot of talk just a lot of action. When we got upstairs I guided her onto the bed and gently spread her legs. I removed her panties and exposed her glistening pussy. He went right in with two fingers and she arched her back in pleasure. After a few minutes of that he went for the goodies fucking her for a while and then moving her to her knees and fucking her doggy style. He came 3 times. After the last time we talked briefly and he moved to the fornt of the bed standing up. She went for his cock and OH was it wonderful to see her work it. He moaned and asked if he could fuck her one more time. It was quite a blast.
After he left we were lying in bed almost asleep when I started playing with her ass and stuck my tongue in for a good cleaning. I asked her is she was tired and she said yes he fucked the shit out of me. She rubbed her pussy hard to orgasm while I slurped her juices and ass. She made me jerk off because she was to sore.
More to cum!

So life was good. I now wanted to see her with a couple and she agreed just two weeks after the last one. I set it up with a couple form the same site for Friday night. She looked gorgeous black mini skirt and high black go go boots and best of all no panties. We arrived and all sat on the couch for a bit when I decided I would help loosed things up and got undressed. I helped her take her boots of and she was down to her garter. We were all naked and just chatting when K moved next to her and saw I was playing with her pussy. He started and I stood up and said lets move to the floor. He pushed her garter down and placed her down on the floor. He started right away with a good tongue lashing and him and he wife took turns. I gently kissed her mouth and played with her hair. This went on for an hour and then he started fucking her. His wife and I were caressing her body and kissing and feeling her. Then we moved into the anal scene and she took his thick cock on her knees and was moaning with pleasure. After a while of that he flipped her onto her back and his cock slid right in her ass. She was good and loose and took another fucking. We took a short break and all sat around talking about sex. He then grabbed her hand and laid her on her back. With her legs spread I could see she was stretched and loose in both hole. I looked like a truck ran through it. He held her legs high in the air and started fucking her. I started sucking her toes and she was sucking on the other girls breast. I moved behind for a birds eye view. I could see his cock enter and exit on every thrust. He wife said oh you want to see her fuck go ahead K fuck her good. This lasted for a long time. About 5 hours in all. She was finally all fucked out and so tired she didn’t even bother getting dressed for the ride home. She went right to sleep. We fucked the nest morning. Her cunt and ass were wrecked for about a week. I love my slut wife. We haven’t played since then. I sure hope we do again and soon.